Mark and Heather Simmonds kept poultry for 20 year while living on the Broadlands Estate at Romsey rearing turkeys, ducks and chickens. After a gap of 15 years they got back into poultry 12 years ago and suffered so many problems buying fertile eggs and quality brood stock that once they had accomplished their mission to find the very best utility brood stock in the popular breeds and some of the best bloodlines in the country in our special breeds from the country’s top breeders they set up New Forest Poultry in the hope that people would not suffer at the hands of con merchants and unscrupulous breeders charging ridiculous money for substandard stock like we did.

In the last 2 years we have expanded the breeding field so we can now supply Bantam Pekin stock from the country’s top lines. Including Silver Laced, Gold Laced, Chocolate Laced, Blue Laced, Blue and Mauve Laced. We have also ventured into American Silkies with stock from the country’s top importers and producers and are able to supply stock and eggs from Blue, Blue Gold, Painted and Blue Splash, Mauve and Cuckoo in American Silkies.

We are just 2 minutes from Junction 1 off the M27. All orders for day olds, 8 weeks olds and 18 week olds must be picked up in your own boxes from the home address. Eggs can also be collected. From the home address or posted. The birds are kept on our rearing field which unfortunately due to security reasons is not available to visit. If you let us know a few days in advance what you require we will bring the birds from the field to our home address for your inspection. You can then decide whether you are happy with the birds and take them home or we will return them to the rearing field.