Hatching Eggs



Our hatching eggs are available from February to September and can be sent by post or collected from our home address. In the post the eggs can be sent express to be signed for next day delivery or first class. All our eggs are freshly collected and of the best quality and are sent in new polystyrene specially made boxes between Monday to Friday to avoid weekend postal delays. Whilst the eggs sold by us have been proven fertile this year with excellent hatching rates owing to the postal service we cannot guarantee the hatch rate or fertility. When receiving eggs in the post they should be left to stand pointed end down for 24 hours before placing in an incubator or under a broody.

We can mix eggs if required in large fowl. We can also mix colours in the Laced Pekins and American Silkies.

Postage costs

First class signed for delivery £6.00 for 6 eggs £7.00 for 12 eggs.